Top 5 Stories of July

1. Minimum wage petitions circulate
Three different petitions aim to raise Missouri’s minimum wage within the next decade or so. Student Outlook Editor Hailey Stolze said she didn’t change a lot in this story, which was written by one of our incoming freshman, Tessa Weinberg. It ran on the front page of our July issue. Tessa did an excellent job breaking each petition down and explaining minimum wage in this story.

2. Work ethic pays off for MU senior
This story, written by incoming freshman Mia Chudzik, was about an MU student, Ryan Dell, who had the opportunity to serve as the assistant equipment manager with the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. How cool is that? The story also had clean copy and landed a front page spot in this issue.

3. MOVE’s guide to the CoMo food trucks
Jeannine Anderson not only wrote a quirky piece about food trucks, but she also made the effort to try food from all of them. Her writing embodies what Katherine and I want to see in MOVE and the content itself is different. Our graphics manager Mary Hilleren also put together a great map graphic marking where the food trucks are parked during the summer.

4. EDITORIAL: Not consulting students was the Consortium’s and administrators’ fatal flaw
We paired an excellent doubletruck about the Fraternity Alumni Consortium’s proposed regulations to keep women safe in Greektown with this editorial, which we spent an hour and a half discussing with editorial board. It was a tricky topic to editorialize on, but I am very proud of editorial board for this editorial.

5. Tigers team up in Cape Cod Baseball League
This story was pitched by incoming freshman Peter Baugh. He found my phone number and gave me a call a few weeks ago, and I sent him along to sports editor Bruno Vernaschi. His story landed Sports front in our July issue. Katherine and I are excited to see what he does.


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