Letter from the Editor: Elizabeth Loutfi

It’s the end of week three. I can’t believe how much we’ve done already. Campus Projects, our youngest section, has already produced one project on MU’s fall 2015 enrollment with two more along the way: one a Long Read written in the spring by Student Organizations Editor Waverly Colville and Reporter Alana Saad and the other a compilation of Clery Release data from 2011 to present.

We also had our first Staff Writer Workshop on Sept. 12. Managing Editor Katherine Knott and I boosted the required number of stories written to become a staff writer from five to 10. Once they reach staff writer status, they are eligible to stop in at this workshop and sign up to get a press pass, business cards, their own Maneater email and online access to a folder of compiled resources on journalism and working at The Maneater.

I’m proud of this year’s editorial board. While Katherine and I agree there are some kinks we need to iron out in our production cycle, we’ve accomplished a lot and improved on a lot. Content is gradually becoming stronger every week and our editors are getting tougher and more confident in editing. When we ask them to improve on something, we usually don’t have to ask them more than once.

But it’s just the beginning. This is going to be an interesting semester. We’ve got the run-of-the-mill (but still a huge deal) events coming up, including Missouri Student Association elections and Mizzou football. But I’m anticipating more: The continuation of race relations and campus climate conversations from last spring and the controversies surrounding the Fraternity Alumni Consortium’s proposed regulations over Greek Town from this past summer, plus whatever else this semester throws our way.


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