Homecoming Flashback: 1955

The following article was originally printed in volume 2, issue 7, page 1 of The Maneater. It has been reprinted here as it appeared in the paper in 1955. It is not to be seen as a current news article.

Firebugs take it out on greeks

Homecoming decorations cornblossomed while they lasted, but some of them didn’t last long.

Greektown was aflame Saturday night as fire-bugs ignited house decorations of four fraternities, and one sorority and the truck on which another fraternity’s float was mounted, to add a final spark to the weekend’s festivities.

The fire department was kept busy as decorations on the lawns of Pri Sigma Delta and Tau Kappa Epsilon were burned late Saturday night and early Sunday morning. In addition the igloo of Phi Kappa Psi received the torch, but fortunately the loyal pledge sleeping inside was awakened in time to flee the flames.

At least the firelighters waited until after the winners of house decorations and floats were announced Saturday afternoon during the football game haltime ceremonies. Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Kappa Alpha, and Alpha Tau Omega were the first and second place house decoration winners in the women’s and men’s divisions respectively. Float prizes went to Chi Omega and Delta Gamma in the women’s division and Lambda Chi Alpha and Phelps House in the men’s division.


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