Homecoming Flashback: 1965

The following article was originally printed in volume 13, issue 7, page 20 of The Maneater. It has been reprinted here as it appeared in the paper in 1965. It is not to be seen as a current news article.

MSA Rejects Homecoming Complaints

Complaints surrounding Greek favoritism in Homecoming were rejected by an investigation conducted recently by the MSA Senate activities research committee.

In a written report to senators at Thursday’s senate meeting, the committee concluded that “the true solution to the problems of lack of interest and organization probably will have to come from the Independents.”

Vol. 13, Issue 7, page 20
Vol. 13, Issue 7, page 20

The report also said the parade route is the best possible considering the band, police restrictions and time.

The route misses the Greeks on College Avenue and three dorms groups because “a route involving them is long, twisting and involved,” the report said.

The senate also:

  • APPROVED a resolution that the welfare committee make plans to set up a student discount service with Columbia merchants.
  • VOTED to recommend that no action be taken by the faculty committee on student health toward banning cigarette sales on the University campus.
  • APPROVED recognition of the Mizzou Karate Club.

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