Homecoming Flashback: 1985

The following article was originally printed in volume 42, issue 10, page 1 of The Maneater. It has been reprinted here as it appeared in the paper in 1985. It is not to be seen as a current news article.

‘Golden Reign’ coming

By Laura Higgins

Residence hall participation in Homecoming activities increased dramatically this year due mainly to the addition of a new Homecoming committee.

Residents and hall officials said the efforts of the Campus Relations Committee had a large impact on residence hall participation. Ten residence halls are involved in the competitions this year, compared with only four last year. Four residence halls built dorm decorations, four others made banners, eight independent groups took part in the games, and two put on skits. Hatch Hall is the only residence entered in all events.

Vol. 42, Issue 10, page 1
Vol. 42, Issue 10, page 1

Hatch Hall Residence Assistant Barbara Tracy said information sent by the committee at the beginning of the year helped motivate her to get involved.

Tracy helped organize each floor to handle a different aspect of the Homecoming activities.

Dean Anderson, Hatch Hall coordinator, said he believes the increase is due to the committee and resident assistants enthusiasm about this year’s Homecoming activities, and the residents’ willingness to put in the time and effort to make it work.

The Campus Relations Committee was formed to help independents become more aware of the Homecoming events and to provide information regarding the activities.


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