Editor Spotlight: Katherine Knot, Managing Editor

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a senior journalism major with an emphasis in magazine writing. I hail from Las Vegas, where I grew up with my two sisters. I’ve yet to acquire the middle-child syndrome, but only time will tell if that fact stays true. I enjoy going on adventures (i.e. my current job). I also cherish relaxation as I’m quite content watching Sunday football from the comfort of my couch. As a senior, I’m supposed to be developing a plan for the next phase of my life. That’s still a work in progress, so I’ll get back to you on that.


What are you most excited for with your position as Managing Editor?

There’s so much to get excited about from the long production nights to the lively editorial meetings. But I moved up from Copy Chief to Managing Editor to be able to work more hands-on with the editors to help them develop their sections and departments. I love being the person editors come to when there’s a problem or just to chat about a story and sources. I sometimes think of myself as Olivia Pope from Scandal. I handle things and solve problems. 

What are your plans as Managing Editor?

I have so many plans that I’ve already come to the realization that everything won’t get done this year. I’ve already scratched off a couple tasks from making a whole bunch of checklists for the editors and tipsheets for the writers. I’m working on ways to better recruit and retain writers. Our staff is awesome right now, and it’s my job to make sure they stick around. The editor-in-chief and I are working on some larger projects such as a newsletter and an international edition of the paper. Overall, I want to make The Maneater a resource. We should be the place journalism school students come to if they want clips or story ideas for a class project. We should also be the place for students to drop by if they have questions about campus events.

What’s your favorite thing about The Maneater?

There’s so much, but the best part is that students make the decisions. I came to The Maneater from the Columbia Missourian where I was a cog in the machine. I wrote my stories and left. At The Maneater, we work as an Ed Board to make decisions. We also decide what shouldn’t be cover and what should be. Those decisions aren’t just made by Liz and me. Writers can have say as well. We opened critique to writers this year, which highlights this aspect of the paper. We let students have a say. Having complete control of the content is terrifying, but it’s made me a better person as I have learned how to make quick decisions and then live with the consequences of that decision, postive or negative. We can’t win them all, but we sure do try.

What’s your favorite part of production night?

Christy Prust, our production manager and George Roberson, our copy chief. Production nights can be rough. We’ve already stayed till 5 a.m. for an issue. But it’s the people that make the long nights bearable, and that starts with Christy. On top of being great at her job, she puts up with my scatterbrained tendencies and big ideas.  Producing nights should be fun, and Christy and Georige keep it lively. George and I have some interesting convos when it gets late. They are usually in-depth discussions on the roles of the print and online edition. Christy would like us to reschedule these chats, but she puts up with it. George is also great about brainstorming. We use this new method to figure out better headlines or word choices: throwing the ball. I know, it sounds rudimentary, but there’s something about tossing a ball in search on one word at midnight that’s quite fun.

How do you hope to help The Maneater through your position?

I want to lay the groundwork for next year’s success. I know that the staff I help retain will one day lead this paper. I take the responsibility seriously, so I’m working to make their training as sound as possible. I understand that I’m just one managing editor in our 60-year history, so the best thing I can do is make sure the future is bright. I also want to complete the culture change, so that we are a online-first publication. It’s been gradually happening since we switched to a weekly, so this the year to finally shift the mentality to where people think about posting stories first rather than saving them for print.

What other interests do you have (non-journalistic or journalistic)?

I work at The Maneater. I have no other interest.


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