Editor Spotlight: Online Development Editor Carlie Procell

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a sophomore journalism major (my future emphasis area will hopefully be design) and I’m minoring in computer science. I came here from Louisiana, but I’ve actually lived in a lot of different places like Alaska, Hawaii, and a Washington, D.C., suburb in Virginia. My favorite food is sour cream and I have two pet sugar gliders named Taco and Anakin.


What are you most excited for with your position as Online Development Editor?

I’m really excited to help others learn about coding and web development. I had multiple people contact me over the summer who were interested in becoming involved with the section, and I’m proud to say we now have a web development team. I’m always excited to get more people interested in computers!

What’s your favorite thing about Online Development?

There are so many things. I love experimenting with different ways to tell stories, whether it’s through Long Reads or interactive graphics, it’s so much fun to bring ideas to life. I also love fixing problems that come up, like when the site shuts down and I get to scour through error messages to figure out what happened. I hate it at first, but it’s so rewarding when I figure it out and fix it (then, of course, calling out the editor who made the mistake to prevent the rest of the staff from making that same mistake.)

What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever coded?

Oh gosh, so many … When I was taking a mobile app development class, I made a Taco Bell menu app. It was so pretty and functional. That was junior year of high school, and now flash forward a few years and Taco Bell actually has an app! It was all my idea, just saying. Additionally, my Neopets pet pages circa 2004 had slick designs with scrolling text and homemade glitter gifs and the Jaws theme playing in the background.

How do you hope to help The Maneater through your position?

Again, teaching people how to code. Having a web development team now is a huge change, since last fall semester we didn’t even have an online development editor, and I came in during spring semester. It was really intimidating to be alone and not have anyone else on staff who could help me, so I’m trying to change that for whoever succeeds me so they won’t go into panic mode like I did the first time the site shut down on me. Shoutout to the two editors before me, Tim and Ted, who dealt with my frantic texts at odd times in the night, like when I thought I shut the site down when it was just the server cache refreshing.

What other interests do you have (non-journalistic or journalistic)?

In terms of school-ish things, my favorite subjects outside of computer science and journalism are math, Latin, and philosophy. I also like video games (especially Tetris), tacos, cybersecurity, driving, tacos, sunglasses, graphing calculators, cooking, cooking tacos, crafting, Star Wars, sleeping, tacos, baked potatoes, and being a badass.


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