Editor Spotlight: Production Manager Christy Prust

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a sophomore pre-journalism major hoping to go into Strategic Communication: Art Direction.


What are you most excited for with your position as Production Manager?

To expand my skills in visual media and design, and to work closely with the rest of the Editorial Board to produce award winning content.

What’s your favorite thing about Production Manager?

Having the opportunity to be creative every week.

What’s your favorite part of production night?

Getting done before 3 a.m.

How do you hope to help The Maneater through your position?

I hope to help The Maneater by showing the section how to think more visually when it comes to their content and to make the gap between content and design smaller.

What other interests do you have (non-journalistic or journalistic)?

I enjoy traveling throughout the country with my family.


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