Top 5 stories of the month

Here are the month’s top stories

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1. Building names reveal racial disparities

Two projects (this story and the story on Marching Mizzou) were published in the same week. Huge props to Campus Projects Editor Taylor Blatchford and everyone else involved in making this story, which uncovers a startling fact: 77 of 94 buildings and landmarks that are named after people on MU’s campus are named after white men.

2. MU Women’s Center celebrates 40th anniversary

This story, along with the story on the MU LGBTQ Resource Center’s anniversary, took the doubletruck of our issue this past week. The women’s center is 40-years-strong. This story was written by one of our new Social Justice Beat writers, Alycia Washington, wrote this story, highlighting students on staff at the center.

3. Twentieth anniversary celebration looks at growth of LGBTQ Resource Center over the years

The second component of the doubletruck, this story looked at how the LGBTQ Resource Center celebrates 20 years of growth. The second Social Justice beat writer, Madison Plaster, and focuses on the history of the center, including how the center gave students a gathering spot where they felt comfortable in their own identities.

4. Maneater Homecoming Special Section (special shoutout to Managing Editor Katherine Knott’s feature on Marching Mizzou through the Campus Projects section)

The Student Organizations Editor Waverly Colville and her section put together a 12-page special section for Homecoming, including stories on Marching Mizzou, the Homecoming blood and food drives and a ton of really amazing graphics and photos. Graphics Manager Mary Hilleren and Graphics Assistant Cameron Rolf created the graphics. Photo Editor Zach Baker and his department contributed photos.

5. “Racism Lives Here” organizer Reuben Faloughi looks to change race culture at MU

One of the organizers of the series of campus protests sat down with reporter Thomas Oide and shared some of his personal frustrations with MU’s campus climate.


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