Letter from the Editor

So far this fall, the editorial board has been really busy with planning coverage for the Missouri Students Association’s presidential election and putting out a special preview about Mizzou Homecoming. Looking forward, we have a handful of special sections, including the basketball preview, the housing guide and MOVE’s gift guide to produce.

We are registered for the Associated Collegiate Press conference, which is Oct. 28 through Nov. 1. I am going, along with MOVE Editor Elana Williams, Online Development Editor Carlie Procell and Opinion Editor Jack Herrick. A Maneater Long Read published April 1, 2015, titled “Accessibility in Greektown” is nominated for multimedia story of the year. I’m sure it’ll be an adventure.

We are pushing ourselves each week to raise the bar. We do this by tackling small projects, like improving headlines and c-deks, as well as adding voice to our tweets and Facebook posts and making The Maneater accessible and reliable for its readers. Once we feel comfortable with those, we move on to the next small project. It’s a good system. This week, our small project to accomplish is coming up with a way to distribute papers to the Columbia community.

We’re about halfway through the semester, and this staff never ceases to amaze me with what they can throw together in a moment’s notice. We’ve had freshmen turn around breaking news in 24 hours, just in time for print deadline. We also finally got an Instagram! Follow us @TheManeater1955. This Friday, we are sending out the first edition of our newsletter, Weekly Headlines.

We are collaborating with MUTV and KCOU for the newsletter to keep students, staff, faculty and alumni in the loop on what’s happening at MU. You can sign up here. We’ve striven to be relevant and be the voice of the student population here at MU.


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