Editor Spotlight: Opinion Editor Jack Herrick

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My full name is John Richmond Herrick, but everyone calls me Jack. I don’t know why that’s the case. Blame my parents. I’m from Williamsburg, Virginia, and I enjoy long walks on the beach, Piña coladas, and getting stuck in the rain. Also, Oxford commas.

John Herrick, Opinion Editor | http://bit.ly/1V03Se5

What are you most excited for with your position as Opinion Editor?

I’m looking forward to endorsing a Missouri Student Association candidate, editorializing on the library fee, and Loftin.

What are your plans as Opinion Editor?

I want to expand the audience for my section through quality writing, both in editorials and columns, while also utilizing new platforms to distribute my content. When I first became an editor, I created a list of topics that I wanted to editorialize on for this year. I hope to get through this list before the end of the year.

What’s your favorite thing about The Maneater?

The community at The Maneater promotes creativity and boldness in our journalistic work. I’ve never had the opportunity to work with so many passionate people, and it’s been great. While not expected, some of my closest friends have come from The Maneater.

How do you hope to help The Maneater through your position?

Our editorials have the power to institute actual change on campus and this is true thanks to all the editorial boards before us. I want to further The Maneater‘s editorial reputation by consistently writing relevant, thoughtful editorials.

What other interests do you have (non-journalistic or journalistic)?

I love to read books, explore cities that I’ve never been before, and write with Oxford commas.


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