Editor Spotlight: Sports Editor Bruno Vernaschi

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a sophomore journalism and history major, planning on going into magazine writing. I’m originally from Argentina, and came to MU from the Chicago-land area. I love music, sports, movies/books, traveling, animals, grammar and lots of other things. I grew up playing soccer and can play the saxophone. I’m bilingual (almost tri-) and have a beautiful husky named Albi.


What are you most excited for with your position as Sports Editor?

I was Assistant Editor my first semester of my freshman year and have held the position of Sports Editor since the second semester of my freshman year. Since then, I believe I’ve grown into a great journalist, improving on managing to writing and everything in between. What I love most about my job is everything. I’ve enjoyed covering every story I’ve written so far, especially the in-depth features that give me the creative liberty to make it my own.

What are your plans as Sports Editor?

As Sports Editor, my plans have varied. My biggest one, though, and the one that has taken precedent over the rest, is my desire to help younger aspiring reporters on my staff to improve and giving them the chances to prove themselves.

What’s your favorite thing about The Maneater?

My favorite thing about The Maneater is definitely my ability to control my own section and staff, and the bond I have with my writers.

How do you hope to help The Maneater through your position?

Through my position, I hope to help The Maneater get a nice contrast of feature stories and gamers that keeps a sports section running so smoothly. I hope to bring new ideas to the table to assist in furthering our content and establishing us as a reputed campus publication.

What other interests do you have (non-journalistic or journalistic)?

Aside from The Maneater, I have plenty of other interests. A key one, though, and one that somewhat finds itself at the intersection of “journalistic” and “non-journalistic,” is my love for research. Whether it’s an essay, an article, an experiment, or simply an interesting topic to surf the Internet over, there’s nothing like gaining new knowledge through research.


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