The Maneater’s ‘A Historic Fall at MU’

As you may have seen today in The Washington Post, a graduate student at MU is currently on a hunger strike to protest racism on campus.

The current Maneater editorial board has worked tirelessly to cover all the sudden protests and administrative responses and actions. If you want to learn more or just catch up on what is happening at MU take a look at The Maneater’s interactive timeline, “A Historic Fall at MU.”

The editors and writers are updating the timeline as new events unfold to keep it as a valuable resource to the community. I suggest posting this and sharing it if you want to inform your friends. I have not seen coverage presented this way from any other news outlet in town. The project has more than 12,000 hits, surpassing all major stories in The Maneater’s online history.

Special shout out to Campus Projects Editor Taylor Blatchford, Online Development Editor Carlie Procell and Staff Writer Tessa Weinberg.

To show support The Maneater in another way to promote more coverage like this, please considering donating to The Maneater’s gift fund. Donations are tax deductible and employers can match them. If you have any questions about donations email


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