National media links to Maneater work

Written by Katherine Knott

The month of November was historic for MU and The Maneater. We set personal records for online traffic with 547,000 page views from Nov. 5 to Nov. 12. The Maneater’s interactive timeline is the most viewed item on our website at 197,000 hits, and I don’t think another article will touch that number for awhile. Our online traffic was helped by other media outlets linking to the timeline. In fact, around 136,000 of the views came from referrals. Here’s a rundown of the news outlets who recognized our superior reporting:

The New York Times

The Atlantic

The Washington Post

The Chronicle of Higher Education


The Nation

Mother Jones

Teen Vogue

New York Magazine

New York Daily News



Huffington Post



Christian Science Monitor


Cleveland Plain Dealer


Yahoo News


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