January Letter from the Editor

Happy 2016, Maneater Mafia! With this new year comes a set of changes at The Maneater that we are extremely excited about.

Internally, we’re now operating on a 24-hour news cycle. This entails more evening copy shift times throughout the week, freeing up our Sundays (which was our “typical” day for editing) and allowing editors to schedule editing on days that work for them and their staffs. Sure, our newsroom schedule isn’t exactly visible, but this change is making all the difference. The Maneater is a daily publication.

Perhaps the most visible of these changes is our brand new newsletter, Quick Eats. It’s short. It’s sassy. It’s to-the-point. The best part? It comes out every day. Notice a trend? Anyone and everyone is encouraged to sign up for the newsletter. You can sign up for it here.

Our weekly print product got a slight facelift too: Think photo spreads, bigger teasers and less massive text walls. Our goal is to make it a weekly news magazine that contains in-depth and investigative features and quick briefs.

Our first week with these new changes has been uplifting and busy. Our staff never ceases to amaze me with their dedication and drive. Looking to the future, we have a bunch of recruitment events coming up this week. Mizzou Student Media, our partnership with MUTV and KCOU, is hosting an open house and a general interest meeting next week. There, we will recruit new Maneaters to our team.


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