February: Letter from the Editor

By Elizabeth Loutfi


This particular academic year has been full of surprises. Like we weren’t already busy enough with covering the events of last fall, the presidential election cycle for the Missouri Students Association took an interesting turn, with the resignations of President-elect Haden Gomez and Vice President-elect Chris Hanner.

The Maneater was instrumental in revealing the problems with this past election. We published a handful of stories on the incriminating evidence that Gomez/Hanner knowingly broke the election rules. Their resignations threw us into covering yet again another MSA presidential election. Additionally, Student Orgs Editor Waverly Colville has to cover the the presidential election for the Residence Halls Association.

In addition to covering two elections at once, there’s a ton of other exciting stuff happening at The Maneater. Applications have opened for the 2016-17 editor-in-chief and business manager. Applicants will have until March 17 to apply, and they will spend the remaining part of the semester shadowing under me and Managing Editor Katherine Knott. So far, Katherine and I have heard rumblings about who’s going to run, and we’re pretty excited.

Looking forward, our MOVE’s True/False special section is about to hit the newsstands. MOVE co-editors Elana Williams and Katie Rosso have also been working on some incredible stuff with MOVE Magazine. A sleek new logo now sits atop the website and in MOVE’s section of the paper. MOVE now publishes quizzes on topics that are relevant to campus.
The next student to sit on the UM System Board of Curators (this time an MU student) should be selected within the semester. And hopefully, the groundwork will be laid for the search for the next UM System president. I’m excited for editors and their staff to tackle these stories.


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