February Top 5 Stories

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1. MU alumni pull $2 million in donations after campus tension last fall

The university has lost $2 million in donations, with alumni citing the events of last fall as the reason for pulling them. One of our staffers, Lily Oppenheimer, was just hired as a beat writer and this was one of her very best. The story looked at the impact of campus protests  from a different angle. As a plus, we were the first news outlet in Columbia to explore this story, and then they all followed our example.

2. Column: The more days that go by, the more the Border War subsides

Sports Editor Alec Lewis traveled to Jayhawk-territory to see KU face off against Kentucky. While there, he spoke with several KU fans. He discovered that the majority of Kansas fans are pretty much over the Tigers/Jayhawks rivalry. But they have been following Mizzou men’s basketball’s losing streak. Well, isn’t that embarrassing?

3. Two years, no progress

Feb. 22 marked two years since a walkway collapsed at University Village student housing complex. Staffers Kyra Haas and Claire Mitzel put together a fantastic story to commemorate the day. The story ran in print this week, and Online Development editor Carlie Procell created a fantastic page for it online.

4. Suspended professor Melissa Click speaks out

Managing Editor Katherine Knott was able to snag an interview with assistant communications professor Melissa Click. This is one of our most-read stories this month, per Google analytics, and gives readers a peek into Click’s life for the past few months.

5. Flaws in MSA highlighted by 2015 election

The most recent story on the last MSA election. MSA beat writer Emily Gallion spent hours on this article in the newsroom, and pulled it off. This coverage needed to be handled with care, and Emily set the bar extremely high with her professionalism. At 1,600 words, every single part of this story was crucial.


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