March’s Top 5 Stories

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1. Terrence Phillips becomes fan favorite for the present and the future

Sports Editor Alec Lewis has kept a close eye on men’s basketball this year, despite their lackluster season. He noticed the crowd’s enamorment with freshman Terrence Phillips, which sparked the idea of writing this feature. Alec’s reporting was incredibly thorough; he interviewed Phillips’ family and girlfriend Tori Schafer, who is also the current Missouri Student Association vice president. The piece goes deeper than when we see Phillips on the court.

2. Maneater Long Reads: A Dance to Remember

This long read has been in the works for several weeks now, and the outcome is great. Writer Jennifer Fowler has never written for us before, but she did a stellar job on this Long Read. In the name of collaboration, we were able to use MUTV’s videos as a multimedia element, which gave the story another dimension. Our Assistant Online Development Editor Reiker Seiffe and Photo Editor Jordan Kodner worked with the Projects team to add more visuals to the piece.

3. Explaining the UM System

I love sharing The Maneater’s multimedia projects, especially this one because it’s so relevant. The University of Missouri System is incredibly confusing, so we decided this would be a good service piece for those who want to learn more about the UM System. The entire copy for the project is upward of 2,000 words, but writer Clair Mitzel did an outstanding job covering all the must-know information. With the help of Seiffe, we were able to make that happen. Graphics Manager Jessie Corbin supplied graphics for the project.

4. Loftin says goodbye to Residence on the Quad

Former Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin and wife Karen had asked for 120 days to look for a new house after his resignation last semester. Assistant Editor Allyson Vasilopulos had a great interview with Loftin, and that shows in the feature. He talked mostly about the fond memories he had living in the house, including the one when Bill Nye the Science Guy stayed there. This story pretty much wrapped up our coverage of Loftin’s chancellorship, but he’ll be sticking around MU for a while.

5. Headed out: Payton says goodbye to the MSA presidency

Assistant Editor Emily Gallion had her interview with former Missouri Student Association President Payton Head completed a while ago, but we held off on writing a piece about Head leaving office until after his interim term ended. Emily has done a lot of the coverage on MSA this year, but she hasn’t shown any inclination that she’s ever going to cut MSA some slack when they make mistakes. She’s fair but also a very strong reporter and she has consistently written great pieces about the organization.


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