May 2016 Alumni Newsletter

View a PDF of the May newsletter here: May Alumni Newsletter

Letter from the Editor

Jared Kaufman, Editor-in-Chief

As the school year came to an end and the transition between the old and new Maneater editorial boards finished up, the steady stream of news at MU showed no signs of slowing down. This month, we covered softball, baseball, the Olympics, a drop in fall enrollment, budget cuts, tuition increases, shots fired on campus, an investigation by the American Association of University Professors into the firing of former assistant communication professor Melissa Click, and the much-celebrated return of free beer to Senior Sendoff. Whoa. And for many of these stories, The Maneater was among the first (and best) news organizations to cover them.

We also released our annual Mizzou in Review special section this month. It’s an impressive 21-story package told through 16 pages of print, thanks to outgoing Production Manager (and incoming managing editor) Christy Prust and incoming Production Manager Abby Breda. It also included an interactive online page, which was the product of over two dozen hours of work by our online development wizard Reiker Seiffe (that’s not his official title). We also had a nearly-4,000-word investigative feature into the hiring of former UM System President Tim Wolfe, an interactive graphic on MU athletes trying out for the Olympics, and some fun MOVE content. Check out our top five stories list for more!

Now, we’re gearing up for Summer Welcome. The Maneater will have a table (and an open newsroom) during the activity fairs for new freshmen to meet our editorial board and sign up to work for the paper during the summer and fall.

The Maneater will publish online continuously all summer, and in print once a month until classes start again, when we’ll return to releasing a print issue every Wednesday. As managing editors Christy Prust and George Roberson and I begin to put our executive platform into action, there are several changes to watch for. Notably, we’re changing the cover of the print edition to reflect a more magazine-like feel (though we’re not changing the size of the paper). Starting with the June 8 issue, the front page will comprise a full-length photo or graphic and a few teasers, rather than a newspaper front with full stories. Inside the issue and on our website, you’ll notice more in-depth features, photos and graphics. These updates are part of our overall vision for The Maneater to become more modern, sleek and relevant.

Our newsletter, Quick Eats, will come out weekly over the summer. Add your name here to receive the latest MU news, sports and culture in your inbox every Friday morning! And when classes begin again in the fall, Quick Eats will return to being a daily newsletter.

I’m excited for what’s in store for the coming months and year, and I hope you are too. As always, reach out to me at with any comments, suggestions, critiques, food recommendations, or anything else. I’m always open to hearing them.

Top Five Stories

1. Tim Wolfe’s indeterminate path to the presidency

This long read by incoming University News Editor Claire Mitzel delves into how former UM System President Tim Wolfe ended up getting that job in 2011. Spoiler alert: It was more than a little shady. Claire was able to talk to really influential people to get an idea of what happened — and what didn’t happen — when the Board of Curators selected Wolfe. She had been working on this story for months, and it was really great to see it come together so well.

2. Olympic Tracker

Incoming Sports Editor Peter Baugh had worked on a project earlier in the semester about MU athletes vying to compete in the 2016 summer Olympics. Here, he worked with the online development and graphics departments to compile all the information into an interactive graphic. It’s so cool when we can represent information in new and engaging ways, and this is an example of the immense talent we have at The Maneater and the huge potential of collaboration within parts of the paper.

3. Mizzou in Review: Top 5 words of the year

Having read through all our published content during this influential school year, outgoing Copy Chief (and incoming managing editor) George Roberson and outgoing Deputy Copy Chief (and incoming copy chief) Nancy Coleman kept seeing similar words over and over again. These five words encapsulate many of the most important issues at MU this year. This is a really interesting look at the power of words.

4. Mizzou in Review: Top 5 technology fails

Throughout this school year, we’ve noticed a trend: Screw-ups when using technology have had disastrous consequences — for Missouri quarterbacks, student government presidents, and students. For our Mizzou in Review special section, outgoing Outlook Editor Hailey Stolze picked the five worst instances and taught us some lessons that probably should have been learned ages ago.

5. MOVE: Your guide to CoMo mac and cheese

Outgoing University News Editor Taylor Blatchford loves mac and cheese, so she visited the best places in Columbia to find the cheesy goodness. This article is composed of several blurb-like reviews, and is a really fun story. It’s always nice to read about lesser-known specialties in downtown Columbia. Plus, it also made me really hungry for some mac and cheese!

Meet the 2016–17 Editorial Board

Meet The Maneater Mafia’s New Coordinators

Taylor Blatchford

I’m a junior from Denver, Colorado, studying news reporting with minors in political science and history. I was The Maneater’s University News editor, and before that the Projects Editor, last school year. Prior to that, I was a beat writer covering higher education, as well as a copy editor and graphic designer. I’m reporting for the Columbia Missourian this summer and plan to continue in the fall. Outside of journalism, I love spending time outside, reading novels and experimenting with cooking things besides my all-time favorite food, mac and cheese.

Elizabeth Loutfi

I am a senior hailing from Rochester, Minnesota. I’m working on getting a dual major in investigative reporting and international studies with a minor in French. I served as editor-in-chief last year and the year before that I was the the Student Organizations editor. I spent my freshman year as a beat writer covering the Missouri Students Association. Currently, I am a reporter for the Columbia Missourian. Like Taylor, I love mac and cheese, but also coffee, playing with cats and beating people in Harry Potter trivia.


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