June 2016 Alumni Newsletter

Here is a PDF of the June Newsletter.

Letter from the Editor

George Roberson, interim Editor-in-Chief

The summer is speeding by, and while it’s been a relatively slow news season compared to what we’re used to, we’re still busy at The Maneater and MOVE Magazine. We published our first issue of the summer earlier in the month, and we’re looking forward to the July issue, which hits newsstands July 13. In between, we’ve been covering potential Olympic qualifiers from Mizzou, the downtown housing freeze and the Columbia vigil for victims of the Orlando shooting, among other stories.

We’re in full swing at Summer Welcome, where we’ve recruited tons of new MU students. Some say they want to be Supreme Court justices, some say they want to be the next great sports broadcaster, but they all want to be part of the next generation of Maneaters. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome our eventual fall staff into the fold. They’re in for a treat.

Speaking of treats, The Maneater’s newsletter has gone weekly for the summer, and we’d love to have you can subscribe by clicking here. It features our best work from each week in each section straight to your inbox, and it doesn’t leave any ink on your hands. Summer Welcome has been great for growing our subscriber base, and it couldn’t come at a better time, as our newsletter is improving weekly.

We released our first issue with a revamped cover June 6, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you can check it out here. The centerpiece and focus of the cover was MOVE Magazine’s guide to the trails of Columbia. It also featured a guide to Columbia restaurants for Summer Welcome attendees and a graphic breakdown of the most followed athletes and teams at Mizzou.

The entire staff is excited to put together the next issue and keep working toward big goals for the fall and beyond. We hope you’re excited, too.

Hats off,

George Roberson, Interim Editor in Chief

Top Five Stories

1. Committee releases proposed policy about free expression and public spaces

At the beginning of June, the Ad Hoc Joint Committee on Protests, Public Spaces, Free Speech and the Press released a proposed draft policy on free speech at MU. University News Editor Claire Mitzel breaks down the basics of the draft policy, which includes suggestions for diffusing future conflicts over free speech and recommendations for balancing safety with free expression in public spaces.

2. Missouri baseball coach Tim Jamieson steps down

Tim Jamieson steps down as head coach of Mizzou baseball after 28 years at Mizzou, leaving behind a legacy that included nine NCAA regionals and plenty of major leaguers. Sports Editors Alec Lewis and Peter Baugh report on where the team will go from here.

3. How the housing freeze will affect developments near MU

Back in May, the City Council approved a housing freeze for downtown Columbia. Campus Life Editor Kyra Haas breaks down what this means for planned student housing developments.

4. Gallery: Running for the Dough

Senior staff photographer Emil Lippe found lots of food, fun and heart at Harold’s Doughnuts’ first annual marathon to benefit the Central Missouri Humane Society.

5. A guide to trail adventures

Relive your glory days on the MKT! MOVE Editor Katie Rosso highlights Columbia’s excellent trail system in one of the cover pieces from the June issue.


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