September 2016 Alumni Newsletter

Here’s a PDF of the September newsletter.

Letter from the Editor

Jared Kaufman, Editor-in-Chief

This has been a month of change at The Maneater.

You may have heard about our dismissal of a conservative columnist; it made headlines on national right-leaning news sites. I’d like to reiterate that we did not fire him over a difference of opinion. We hired a range of columnists in good faith. This particular writer had conspired with a friend to post his columns in certain Facebook groups with language attacking The Maneater, and he later admitted to members of our Editorial Board that his intention was to ruin The Maneater’s reputation. We cannot have members of our staff actively seeking to ruin our name.

We also had several other staff changes this month. Managing Editor Christy Prust and Production Manager Abby Breda both stepped down a few days before production for MOVE Magazine’s Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival special section. Managing Editor George Roberson stepped in as production manager, and with the help of Production Assistant Hope Johnson, Graphics Manager Tori Aerni, MOVE Editor Katie Rosso, and a team of new house designers, we put together an incredibly beautiful Roots N Blues issue that rivals the Missourian’s Vox Magazine on design and content.

We’ve also rolled out some new multimedia collaborations this month. We are working with KCOU to produce “The Mizzou View,” a weekly news podcast. MOVE Editor Katie Rosso and I co-host the show, which you can listen to every Friday morning on iTunes. And with the help of MUTV, football beat writer Nick Kelly and Assistant Sports Editor and fellow football writer Tyler Kraft have started a weekly football-themed video podcast called “Double Coverage,” which you can find on our website and social media every Sunday.

Our news department has had big stories this month, which you can read more about in the top five stories section in this newsletter. They’ve exposed the new Campus Dining Services off-campus meal plan, The Tiger Plan, for its misleading advertising and for not actually saving students as much money as promised. Our news editors have also published some features on bathroom signage and usage, the Craft Studio and Ellis Library, and the School of Medicine’s accreditation. On top of that, MOVE Magazine and Sports continue to churn out quality content. MOVE’s section in our “Art with Purpose” and “CoMo at Night” issues were particularly spectacular. I know I may be a bit biased, but I believe two of our issues this month were among the best issues The Maneater has produced during my whole time at Mizzou.

The National Scholastic Press Association is taking notice, too. Nominations for their Associated Collegiate Press awards came in this month, and The Maneater is up for five. “A Sideline Stand,” by Alec Lewis, Bruno Vernaschi, Will Jarvis and “To journalists covering Mizzou protests, please take a breath,” by Nate Gatter are both nominated for story of the year. While she was production manager last year, Christy Prust designed the “A Historic Fall at MU” doubletruck and a full back-page house ad, both of which are up for design awards. And former Photo Editor Zach Baker is nominated in the “Spot News Picture” category for his photo of a sit-in at Jesse Hall following incidents of racism on campus. The winners of each of these awards will be announced at the ACP conference later in October.

Also looking forward in October, our Homecoming and housing guide special sections are coming out toward the end of the month. During Homecoming, on Saturday, October 22, our Alumni Coordinators are putting together an open house in our newsroom. I look forward to getting to meet you all there!


The Maneater Picks: September’s Top Five Stories

  1. Gender-neutral bathrooms one step toward inclusive campus, advocates sayFreshman beat writer Ayesha Vishnani was assigned a story about gender-neutral bathrooms on campus, and she transformed it into a longer-form feature on the experiences of several gender-nonconforming students as they navigate bathroom use at MU. She floats between narrating the stories of these individuals and news reporting on the processes involved in creating new signs for the bathrooms. Plus, our graphics manager, Tori Aerni, created an incredible “Gender Glossary” graphic for the story to break down some of the key terms and statistics.
  2. Music, faith and family: Who is J’den Cox off the wrestling mat?The Maneater has produced a lot of stories about Olympic bronze medalist and MU student J’den Cox so far this year. But this is the definitive Cox feature from Sports Editor Peter Baugh. Peter talked to Cox himself, as well as Cox’s mother, girlfriend, and childhood friend to get a sense of who he is as a person, off the wrestling mat. From learning about Cox’s love for music, his religion, and his altruism, Peter got to the heart of one of the most talked-about figures on campus this year, and his story is well-worth a read.
  3. Infographic: MU in 100 peopleInspired by charts laying out what the world would look like if it were a community of 100 people, projects reporter Kyle LaHucik compiled the numbers of what Mizzou would look like as 100 people — how many would be freshmen or seniors, how many would’ve studied abroad, how many would be black or white or from Missouri or international or in Greek life or in the Honors College. Graphics Manager Tori Aerni put together a full-page infographic for print and online, and it’s truly incredible. It’s a lot of data to parse, but Tori laid it out in a beautiful and easily digestible way, so I hope you’ll take a look.
  4. Tiger Plan coverageTiger Plan can cost more than you thinkEditorial: The Tiger Plan deceives studentsStudent governments had limited input in Tiger PlanThe Maneater has earned a reputation for keeping the university accountable. When we noticed a new Campus Dining Services plan where the advertising was misleading and the numbers just didn’t add up, we investigated. Student Politics Editor Emily Gallion and one of her reporters, Fiona Murphy, crunched the numbers and found that the discounts the plan was advertising were not wholly true and that the dining plan could actually end up causing you to lose money rather than saving it. University News Editor Claire Mitzel edited the story and Online Development Editor Reiker Seiffe checked the math. We also wrote an editorial calling out Campus Dining Services for the misleading plan. For both the story and the editorial, Graphics Manager Tori Aerni put some charts together to break down the numbers in a more visual way. Both the article and the editorial got significant engagement numbers on social media and on our website.
  5. Inside Pizza Tree’s new late-night pizza delivery windowReturning to his reporting days, Editor-in-Chief Jared Kaufman went behind the scenes at Pizza Tree, a downtown pizzeria open until 2 a.m. on weekends. The shop recently switched over their late-night operations from within the store to a drive-thru-style window. Although sales are down, customers not entering the store has prevented much of the violence, vandalism, and vomiting that used to occur in the days before the window. Plus, Photo Editor Jessi Dodge went along and took a gallery series of photos that also tells a really interesting story. This MOVE feature was laid out as a full-page spread in print, and looks nice online, too.

Alumni Corner

Steve Oslica, 2005-09

I was recently named the defensive coordinator of the JV football team at the high school where I work. This is my third year coaching JV football.

Jacob Bogage, 2012-14

I moved up from intern to staff writer at The Washington Post at the beginning of September. I’m covering Virginia high schools for the Sports section and doing pretty much anything else they tell me to do. The job brings me one step closer to attaining my life-long dream: becoming a dog owner.

Suzanne Struglinski, 1996-2000

Suzanne Struglinski began as the Director of Membership Engagement at the National Press Club on Sept. 7.

Scott Nyerges, 1990-94

After 10 years in New York City, Scott has moved back to Austin, Texas, where he spends most of his time slacking off, shooting photos, and doing his best to keep Austin weird. Any other ‘Eater alums in the Lone Star state?

Julia Wehling Goebel, 1997

Julia is Vice President of Marketing for Stericycle, a global services company headquartered in Lake Forest, Illinois. 

Angela Greiling Keane, 1994-98

I recently started as Politico Pro’s deputy technology editor. Most recently, I was a White House correspondent at Bloomberg News.



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