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The Maneater has raised $9,510 with the help of our amazing Maneater
Fundraising copyMafia. But that is only 31 percent of our $30,000 goal. We need more help! Please consider donating this holiday season if you haven’t already, or holding fundraisers to collect donations. Any size donation will help!

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A special thanks to the following donors to The Maneater Gift Direct and scholarship fund:

Aamer S. Madhani

Alice (Bishop) Brockman

Andrew L. Blasko

Angela Greiling Keane

Dan Gordon

Darla Cameron

David D. Griner

David Gustafson

David Scott

Don Patton

Doris N. Truong

Elliot D. Njus

Erica Endicott

Joseph Morton

Judith H. Beaupre

Julie Bykowicz

Larry Satz

Michael Pointer

Nancy S. Bishop

Pascale Bishop

Patrick J. Butler

Regina A. Lamb

Russell Hickey

Sarah Stanek

Tami L. Heaton

Todd Copilevitz

Wayne E. Green